NFS permissions problem

It is probably me that has goofed, but I have all films on a remote NFS, running on OpenSUSE. It normally works all right, but ever so often, it refuses to play. The log is below. Looks like a permissions issue, but why would the NFS server suddenly decide that OSMC has no access?

Logs :-

And did you check the permissions on the file on the server ? What does your exports file look like ?

Well. If I reboot the Pi, it works immediately. My exports file is really simple:


the following two lines do not mean the same thing:
/home (rw)
The first line allows only users from read/write access to the /home directory. The second line allows users from to mount the directory as read-only (the default), while the rest of the world can mount it read/write.

Yes, but my goal is to give the PI access only so my syntax is right? Or?

Well the goal is for the pi to access the nfs share, restricting permissions is secondary.

This is an example from my exports


Have you restarted the NFS service on your server?

I would try granting full access to the share, but it is deffo an annoying server side issue.

error : ‘open call failed with “NFS: ACCESS denied. Required access r–. Allowed access —”’

Well. I am a cautions type of person. I never give more access rights than necessary. Yes, I did restart NFS and I have tried to get more logging on that side, but as I said: It is intermitent.

try adding the secure flag to the string.

Done, bounced the NFS daemon and will see if it makes any difference.