Nice Work All ! Latest Build

Just tried the test build of what will be the new update with Kodi 19 doing a clean install.
Works perfect for me, and video playback is much improved with regards to clarity, seek speed and of course improved HDR.
Thanks to all working hard to perfect this new release !! Well Done !!


Glad to hear this

Usually people only go online to complain.
You turned it around :slight_smile:

I have two working Vero’s, but am contemplating to make the step to 19.
However still afraid to molest Hyperion or other things :scream:

Why thank you…I fully realized there is a whole thread about installing and using the test build, I just wanted to to make a topic that wasn’t about a problem…as you say.
There’s a lot of hard work and dedication behind this little black box, and the team deserves all the praise they can get.