Night theme for forum

The night theme for the forum is a bit too white on grey text its almost invisible

Yes - it’s not ideal, but I don’t have enough CSS-fu to fix it.

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@TheHacker66 has fixed this for us now. Can you test it?

Seems ok for me, maybe the blue is kinda harsh to the eyes :thinking:

The new dark mode seems to still be less than ideal…

I run a chrome plug-in that modifies the css when I have it turned on. This is what I see when I use this web site with the standard skin and the plug-in turned on which works quite well.

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@darwindesign I’ll revisit the css for the night theme soon to change all the bright colors to their corresponding dark tone. I also tried using a dark mode plugin and while it seems to work quite well it’s obviously better to fine tune the forum’s theme. Will update you when I’ve finished tuning the colors.