No AC3 Dolby Digital

I swapped out my old original Raspberry Pi for a Pi 2 today.
Total rebuild from scratch, all seemed good till I went to play videos with Dolby digital, basically I get no sound and my amp doesn’t recognise any input.

If I play something with DTS it plays fine, get sound etc but then when I stop it the amp stays ‘stuck’ on DTS until I change the source away and back to the Pi, this is not normal behaviour of the amp, usually when I stop on the Pi it recognises this.

I’ve done a full update on the Pi2, gui sounds play, DTS plays although it leaves the amp in a funny state but I get nothing for Dolby Digital, all settings in the menu are correct and it works for the old Pi so not my amp/tv etc.


Ok enabling hardware acceleration of omxplayer in video/acceleration settings seems to have fixed it.