No access to NAS

I’m new to OSMC.
Until now I’m using Libreelec with Kodi. Libreelec works just fine but I wanted to try a more extended OS to try out some extra features not available through Libreelec.

my hardware: PI 3B+, Qnap 119 NAS, Loewe TV,

Installing the latest image and booting went fine.

When I try to connect with NFS, I can select my NAS, and I can browse to the parent directory of the different subdirectories that contain my video files, but I cannot select any of those subdirectories. When I try, nothing happens.

When I try to connect with SMB, I get an error message “error 2 shared location not available” (translated)

In Libreelec I never had this issue. Just to be sure, I started a complete new installation of Libreelec and I had no issues connecting to my NAS.

Any idea’s as to what might be causing this?

Does it work if you choose “Add Network location” and specify protocol, server name, shared folder, username and password?

You can also add a network share through autofs for maximum performance:

This usually means you need to change the SMB version.

Nope, it doesn’t.
BTW with nfs, I’m not being asked to give a username and password?

I tried mounting with autofs, but that didn’t work either. When doing “ls -lah /mnt/NAS/Download-Films”, I get “ls: cannot open directory /mnt/NAS/Download-Films: Permission denied” This seems to suggest a problem with privileges on my NAS.

This is odd, Libreelec doesn’t have a problem with that and just connects.

I’ve been reading about the issues with SMB, so that makes sense. I’ll forget about smb for the moment.

I had the same with CoreElec about access via NFS, while with Vero it just didn’t. Just use SSH to get into the NAS and check the access of the main directory of the folder you want to mount and adjust it with CHMOD . After that it worked fluently, while via the NAS settings page I couldn’t get a clear view, cause there it was all set right. At least that solved my issue with NFS access :slight_smile:

Share with us your autofs configuration files. Did you try the troubleshooting steps on the autofs wiki entry?

I will be fairly occupied with other (more boring) stuff for a few days, but I will post these as soon as possible.