No add network location option


I have three profiles. Master, parents and kids.

On the master profile, when adding video sources, when I go to browse, I have the option of adding a network location ( as should be…)

However when I go to either of the othe two profiles, this option of adding network location, is no longer available. I need this to be able to access my server…

How to get this option in my profiles.

Using OSMC 2018-12-01 Linux 4.14.78-4-osmc
Kodi 17.6
Tried various dieffrent skins

The steps I took.

Started with the mater profil…went to add videos, browse, then add network location.
Added the network location, and managed to created sources from this location.

I then created a new profile, KIDS. I went into the profile and wanted to add kids videos as a source. The network location I created in master did not show up in new profile ( I tried copying master, and also a fresh start )
Also the option to add network location is not there.
Last option is the zero conf option…

Thank you for advice

Originally posted at: No add network location option.

Can anyone test and confirm with the OSMC skin? It’s been a while since I used profiles.