No analogue sound after January update (Vero4K+) [fixed]


No sound through analogue output. HDMI video and audio work fine.

There are several timeout messages displayed upon booting before OSMC starts.


Thank you for your support.

Does it work if you disconnect the β€˜NAS’ disk and/or SD card?

This suggestion lead me to the solution, but not in the way expected.

Since I had to unplug all connections to remove the SD and storage I was reminded that the Vero has two identical 3,5mm sockets, which are also unlabelled. Upon my first attempt to fix this problem, the cable found its way into the wrong opening. A tape will prevent this from occurring again in the future. Why there was no sound on the very first reboot after the update will remain a mystery. :sweat_smile:

Thanks again.

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