No Atmos on JBL-SDP-55(New Harman AV lineup)


Is there someone that are using a Vero4k with the new Processors and Recievers from JBL (SDP-55 & SDR-35) and Arcam (AV40, AVR10, AVR20 &AVR30)?

I have a JBL SDP-55 and cannot get Atmos to work with Vero 4k+ .

On my LGC7, ATMOS is working with the VERO4k+, so it is not my settings.

My sdp-55 can do Atmos with my PC and XBOX one X it is just with the VERO it isnt working.

Is it just mine SDP-55 or do someone else has this problem on their harman units?


First – I know you said it works on the LG, but can you please upload some logs so we can double check the settings as well as the EDID of this receiver.

When you say you don’t get Atmos, do you still hear audio?



Did some more testing today

actually i got the sdp-55 to decode atmos from the Vero 4k+.

My speaker setup for the moment is just a 4.0.0, before i move in to my new house.
So my processor is configured that way, with 2 fronts and 2 surrounds. But when i have it setup like that it only decodes dolby true hd and not atmos from the Vero. And yes i get sound, that has never been a problem.
But i can get it to decode Atmos with my XBox one X and PC setup like this, no problem.

But today i also tested to change the speaker settings in the JBL Processor to 4.0.2
So 2 fronts, 2 surrounds and 2 height channels. Oddly enough, i know ge it to detect Atmos from Vero. It also as before detects atmos from xbox one x and PC.

I have tested with many Atmos movies and all behaves the same way.

Maybe this is a JBL problem, but i think it is very strange that it is only the Vero that behaves like this.

Log with JBL configured with 4.0.0:
Log with JBL configured with (debug enabled) 4.0.2:


If you only have 4.0.0, Atmos and TrueHD are identical. The Xbox sends everything as Atmos, your receiver then downmixes to 4.0. The Vero reads the HDMI handshake from your receiver, from that it knows you don’t have an Atmos setup , and so sends the 7.1 substream which your receiver then downmixes to 4.0. Either way it sounds exactly the same.

Then when you change to 4.0.2 the receiver tells the Vero that you now have an Atmos setup, so the Vero sends the Atmos stream.

According the Dolby docs the Vero’s approach is correct, most bluray players will only send the TrueHD stream also. Don’t really matter though as the data is the same.

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