No Audio One Channel

Vero 4K+
Streaming channel PBS, no audio, other channels have audio and audio works in VLC.

Are recordings also affected?

no, just the streaming of that one channel, PBS.
Spoke with the provider, said it may have an incorrect codec in the stream. “shrug”

If it’s only one channel, I suspect it’s not going to be an OSMC issue


Is your Local PBS broadcasting also using ATSC 3.0 and your tuner is picking up that instead of the ATSC 1.0 channel? Kodi, along with pretty much everything else doesn’t have support for AC4 audio yet which is mandated by that standard so Kodi will play the video from those streams but without audio. At least that is what happens with my HDHomerun setup run through Kodi. I can only get audio using their app because it sends the audio back to HDHomerun and sends it back in a playable format (at least I thiink that is what I read they are doing).

Missed pointing out, this is from tvheadend, installed to the Vero, streaming iptv.
I try and load a screen cap in vlc:
vlc codec info

Does enabling audio passthrough change the behavior?

no change with passthrough enabled

ok, just changed the tvheadend server from the Vero to my NUC, tvheadend server:

HTS Tvheadend 4.3~1975.g23754f9a6-dmo1+deb11u1

tvheadend on the veroHTS Tvheadend 4.2.8
Audio works find on the NUC, on PBS

How about an updated build for the Vero?
I would be willing to test.

We are shipping the latest stable version of TVH on Vero, which is 4.2.
4.3 is still not officially released as stable.

stable has not been updated for years, tvheadend recommends:

Not sure if I should add that or not, suggestions welcome

following the above link to tvheadend AptRepositories
Preformatted textNOPE: Checking if upstream install config is OK …
^^^^: … Failed to fetch configuration for your OS distribution release/version.

: It looks like we don’t currently support your distribution release and
: version. This is something that we can fix by adding it to our list of
: supported versions (see contact us below), or you can manually override
: the values below to an equivalent distribution that we do support:
: … distro=osmc version=2023.06-1 codename=June arch=aarch64
: You can force this script to use a particular value by specifying distro,
: version, or codename via environment variable. E.g., to specify a distro
: such as Ubuntu/Xenial (16.04), use the following:
: | distro=ubuntu version=16.04 codename=xenial sudo -E bash
!!!: Oh no, your setup failed! :frowning: … But we might be able to help. :slight_smile:
!!!: You can contact Tvheadend for further assistance.
!!!: URL:
!!!: Last 20 log lines from .csm_setup_r3sUGd5lu (might not be errors, nor even relevant):
!!!: > ii gnupg 2.2.27-2+deb11u2
!!!: > all GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement
!!!: > ii gnupg-l10n 2.2.27-2+deb11u2
!!!: > all GNU privacy guard - localization files
!!!: > ii gnupg-utils 2.2.27-2+deb11u2
!!!: > armhf GNU privacy guard - utility programs


You can install TVHeadend from their repository but this is not something we can officially support. You can seek advice from them.

We support the stable version of TVH. I don’t know if 4.3 will ever be released as stable. Development has largely ceased.