No blue light on my brand new Vero

I just got a brand new Vero 4K+, everything seems to work so far but the blue light doesn’t come on. Ever. At bootup the plus sign glows red, then it just goes out. :frowning:
Reading some other posts here, it seems like this isn’t all that rare!

Is this something I can fix myself, or do I need a replacement device?


By popular request there is no blue light :grin:


Only Vero 4K had a blue light which annoyed many people. Vero 4K + only has a red LED now. The blue one was removed.

Are you guys all pulling my leg?? :thinking:
I don’t understand why the blue LED was intentionally removed (but the red one kept in, which seems a bit pointless)…
@sam_nazarko, I’ll only believe it if you say so :wink:

Because it is really disturbing to see blue flashing light when you watch movies :smirk:

He did, many times.

See Vero 4K +


We have also removed the front facing blue LED which some users found too bright; but retained the red LED for standby and recovery modes.


We have also removed the front facing blue LED which some users found too bright; but retained the red LED for standby and recovery modes.

OK, that’s all the proof I need! Thanks @puk78. Too bad, I kind of liked the blue light :expressionless:

Think it divided opinion, but here’s mine!

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That was the first thing I did as well, put a black tape on the blue light… the Vero 4k is in my bedroom and I can in all honestly say that sleeping would be impossible with that dreadful blue light

You may believe a team member as well as Sam here :wink:


I actually miss the blue light. Couldn’t it be an optional setting so everybody is happy

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You are a rare breed!


Not that rare - I agree with @thobu

Compared to the amount of complaints we got about the blue led being there…

It’s probably not feasible to have two versions of the device to cover everyone’s taste and making it adjustable by, let’s say, a switch within OSMC would probably drive up cost. Something most users would most likely not want.

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for me it was always a sign of life. I quite often use the Vero 4 without a directly connected screen (via Yatse or a remoe PC).

We can add an option to keep the red LED on when the device is powered, if there’s demand for it.


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this would be awesome!

If only you’d do that when there was the blue led :flushed: The blue led is way cooler then the red one. No pun intended

Sorry for this late, late comment, but having just begun to set up my my new 4K+, the situation is new to me.
Yes, I was puzzled at first by the lack of blue light, but as the unit showed a red light on startup, and was demonstrably functional, I figured it wasn’t too important.
Given my druthers, I’d settle for a tiny (pin point) blue light that flashed on startup then settled to steady while it was on. This is pretty much what most laptops seem to do and personally, I find it a handy (and friendly!) indicator that my device is awake and ready to share my fun :heart_eyes:.

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