No Bluetooth services -- audio AC hum

I am an absolute novice with the Raspberry Pi, OSMC, Kodi and Linux.

New installation of OSMC which loads OK. Having a problem with crashes when I try to play video, and posted a separate question about that. This problem seems to be unrelated.

I can see and pair with other Bluetooth devices, but I have not yet been successful in connecting with either my smartphone or a pair of Bluetooth headphones. OSMC tells me that there are no usable services available.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?

Second, I hear a low-frequency AC hum with a pair of earbuds plugged into the 3.5 mm jack. Has anyone else encountered the same issue? I’m not sure at this point if it’s just a limitation of the DAC in the Pi – perhaps even these ordinary earbuds have too wide a frequency response for the little guy and I’ll have to run the audio through a filter. Because of the Bluetooth problem, I haven’t checked the audio through that device.

Thanks for any help.

The forums search function is your friend

You will have to follow the steps in the bluetooth audio streaming testing thread

Thanks. “Bluetooth services” didn’t get any hits. I should have browsed further.

Try another power supply. Also search for ‘audio improvements’, which if added to config.txt, should provide some nice audio improvements. These are experimental though and not quite ready for prime time yet.

Thanks to both of you. I found a media center distro that has no Bluetooth problems out of the box. I’ll play around with the OSMC configuration on the second Pi3 I just got, which is my learning toy when I have time to dig more deeply into it.

I screwed up when describing the audio problem. It’s a hiss rather than an AC hum. It appears using both Pi3 power supplies and also on my workbench DC power supply. Sounds like the noise you hear between FM stations. It’s not very noticeable when music or audio from a video file is playing, so I’ll figure it out. I probably don’t have the DSP settings right as of yet.

I appreciate the time you took to offer suggestions.

The Bluetooth audio streaming capabilities are installable with a single copy and paste line (just see the [TESTING] thread to enable the functionality). OSMC doesn’t include this functionality out of the box yet nor does it promise to, so I wouldn’t say it’s a ‘Bluetooth problem’. As you will see, even on the ‘other’ distribution, BT audio streaming is still a work in progress. By having a separate test build thread for now and requiring a manual installation step, we can add more functionality (like putting playback control in to Kodi). I’m confident that our BT solution will be the best in the long term.

The Pi’s audio out is effectively a PWM output. DSP will not help here, but enabling the sigma delta audio improvements in config.txt will. You can search the forum on how to do this.

Thanks. I’ll come back here and review your comments when I have time to start tinkering with my own new RP3. The media center unit is for my wife while she’s convalescing, so fast is better than refined. :smile: