No boot osmc

Good evening,
I have been trying for some time to install kodi 17.3 on my raspberry 3, no boot and rainbow display.
I tried on 2 other raspberry 3 and with other sd cards and I still have the same problem.
If I install kodi 17.6 or above, no problem.
Can anyone help me understand why it is not possible to install kodi 17.3 on raspberry 3.
Thanking you for your help

Maybe the image you are trying to install doesn’t support your hardware revision and is too old.

What do you mean by hardware revision?
Disk image is for raspberry 3 « OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20170803.img.gz »,it mounted with balena etcher ou win32diskimager.

Is yours a 3B or a 3B+? 3B+ was only introduced in 2018

You can tell them apart easy enough, 3B has a black main CPU chip and the 3B+ has a silver one

You’re right, my raspberry running with osmc (kodi 17.3) is a raspberry 3B, and the others are 3B+…for this reason it doesn’t work.
I thank you
Another question… the simple client pvr works correctly with which version of osmc?

Should work with all versions.

The pure rainbow display is the GPU initialization sequence. If it won’t go any further, chances are you have the wrong image for your PI.

I had an issue with a Raspberry PI 2 back in time, that required a special tweak in the config.txt file or it would remain stuck at the rainbow display. I don’t have the PI anymore, so you will have to look it out for yourself.