No center audio channels after upgrade

Received my Vero 4K a week ago Saturday. Set it up and movies played okay but on Sunday I saw it was an old release on it, so performed the update to the early Jan. 2018 release but ended with sad face. Then found that I had lost the center channels, no dialogue, when playing movies. Experimenting showed that if I selected 2.0 or 2.1 channels instead of 5.1 (which was working before the update) I had the dialogue. Also confirmed by selecting different audio tracks from movies that ac3 and e-ac3 passthrough was working fine, DTS passthrough gave no sound ( if DTS passthrough is disabled have the situation of no center audio tracks).
I reimaged to the earlier release 3 times during the week and performed the upgrade again, always ended with the sad face. I just updated to the end of Jan 2018 release, no sad face this time, but that didn’t change its attitude to the audio issue.
Audio settings are:
Audio output device: AML-M8AUDIO,HDMI
Number of channels: 5.1
Output configuration: Optimized
Volume Control Steps: 90
Maintain Original volume on downmix: Enabled
stereo upmix: Disabled
Resample quality: Medium
Keep Audio device alive: Disabled
Send low volume noise: Enabled
GUI Sounds:
Play GUI Sounds: Only when playback is stopped
GUI Sounds: Kodi UI sounds
Audio Passthrough:
Allow passthrough: Enabled
Passthrough output device: AML-M8AUDIO,HDMI
Dolby Digital (AC3) capable receiver: Enabled
Dolby Digital Plus (E-ac3) capable receiver: Enabled
DTS capable receiver: Enabled
TrueHD capable receiver: Disabled
DTS-HD capable receiver: Disabled

The HDMI goes from Vero 4K through a 4K switch into the single 4K capable input of my television (Sony XBR-X850A). Also on the 4K switch I have an android box, mainly used for games, but also runs Kodi. When I use Kodi on that box it has no issues with any of the audio on the movies (Kodi setup the same for audio as above). Plan was to move that android box up to TV in bedroom and use Vero 4K box on the Sony TV downstairs. Plan currently on hold.

I have uploaded a set of logs from my Vero 4k. Enabled Kodi debug and audio specific logging, rebooted and played a movie with TrueHD audio for a few minutes. Stopped movie and uploaded logs.

Try switching these 2 around. It worked for me previously.

Most people configured their audio incorrectly prior to December. After the December update, audio channel mapping has been fixed and it’s now you will have problems when audio settings have been configured incorrectly.

You haven’t let us know if you have a 5.1 system or uploaded any logs yet, so it’s hard to advise.

@Xanderzdad Just tried it, no change in its attitude.

I see you have uploaded logs. Please provide the URL so we can retrieve them and provide more information about your setup

@sam_nazarko where is URL found?

Link should have been on your screen when you uploaded the logs.

Just uploaded a second set of logs and did not see any URL on the screen. I did see one for the first set but didn’t note it down. Anyway of getting the URL by logging into Vero 4K using PuttY.

grab-logs -A

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url is
I had rebooted the Vero 4K before I logged in and got this URL

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Further details of set up:
Vero 4k HDMI to KanexPro SW-HD20-3X14K switch. Output from switch goes directly into Sony XBR-X850A TV. Also on switch are Nividia Shield (android box ) and Samsung UDB-85C (same as 8500).
Note: using Default(AML-M8AUDIO Analog),PCM doesn’t change its attitude - middle channels still missing.

Hi @inzanelyme, from the log your connected TV is able to process 2 channel PCM and AC3 that means any conversion to 8 channel PCM can fail.

With that setup, please, try on the Settings -> System -> Audio menu

  • number of channels 2.0 (this will open a new item for AC3 transcoding later)
  • Allow Passthrough
  • Dolby Digital (AC3) Capable Receiver
  • Enable Dolby Digital (AC3) Transcoding
  • disable DTS, TrueHD, DTS-HD

So this setting means, 2 channel PCM will be directly forwarded to your TV and all other formats which are not AC3 or 2 ch PCM should be transcoded to multichannel AC3 which your TV should be able to process.

If the Sony manual states your TV is able to process input DTS audio or even more, then there is another problem: You should first start troubleshooting without that switch but use a single HDMI cable between the Vero and the TV, instead.

What @JimKnopf says is right. This worked before by accident: Vero 4K wasn’t passing the 5.1 channel PCM correctly. Now that it does, and your TV doesn’t support it, you don’t hear the Center and side channels.

I recommend using AC3 transcoding as suggested above. You shouldn’t hear a difference in quality but you will get all channels

Thanks guys, these settings appears to work well. I’ll do more extensive testing this weekend.
I’ll also do some testing with recommendations in other threads for BT2020 to BT709 as my TV, being an early 4K module, doesn’t handle BT2020.

Keep us posted with how you get on.