No Configuration tab in Tvheadend

Hi congratulations on the release of OSMC RC. I am having a problem with Tvheadend. I have pctv dongle that worked well in Raspbmc, I have installed the drivers and it is in a “warm state”, I have installed the Tvheadend server and it is enabled. When I http into the server there is the Electronic Program Guide tab and the Digital Video Recorder tab but no Configuration tab. Any help would be appreciated.

Strange, I can access all the tabs from my iPad, but when I try via my Windows laptop the Configuration tab is not there. Any ideas???

I am having the same problem (see other thread on Tvheadend) - I am using a Windows 8.1 PC and wondered whether it was a log in password problem. I resurrected an old Vista PC with no memory of x.x.x.x:9981 passwords, and had the same trouble, so that would not appear to be the issue.

Ok, I can connect using Mozilla Firefox but not with Internet Explorer. The Configuration tab is there but the setup is more complex than the old version. Going to have to do some reading to find out how to set it up.

I am also able to see the configuration tab with Firefox. As it appears that the version of Tvheadend loaded from the App Store is OSMC-specific, I’m not sure whether this is the correct place to report it, or whether to report it on a Tvheadend forum.

Incidentally I did not have this problem with Alpha 4 and the version of TvHeadend loaded as a result of instruction from this forum.

i miss also the hdhomerun drivers in tvheadend