No DVB-T channels in TVHeadend after latest update

Just updated Vero 4k+ to the latest and greatest April update. All went well and the device seems to be working at least as good as before :slight_smile: (sorry, not much time to test it yet). With the exception of DVB-T - all my channels are gone now.
The TV card (Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD DVB) is still detected correctly (checked dmesg log, checked in tvheadend gui), so it does not seem like a kernel driver issue. But any attempt to play anything ends with “no signal”, attempts to re-scan the multiplexes in tvheadend gui ends up with FAIL on all frequencies, with messages like “scan no data, failed” in the log.
Any hints what could have changed related to TV playback? Maybe some firmware images? Or some freqency tables?

No changes to TVH here, I’d suggest posting some logs,

Thanks for the info. Logs are here:

My untrained eye found only this interesting bit there:

linuxdvb: Silicon Labs Si2168 #0 : DVB-T #0 - poll TIMEOUT

From what I found seems it is either hardware or driver problem. As you say no changes on the driver/kernel side has been made, maybe my tuner is gone. I will test it separately tonight to verify and keep investigating. If you spot anything interesting in the log I would be glad, but don’t waste much time on it…

Make sure you try a cold boot.

Turns out the antenna is to blame, maybe broken cable somewhere on the way from the roof. With small indoor one I am able to tune some channels just OK. Strange it didn’t exhibit before the update, weird coincidence…
Anyway, I am sorry for the false alarm and thank you for your support, for the update and for a great player :-).

No problem, thanks for confirming that this is an external factor. I appreciate this. Best of luck getting things fixed.