No fanart in TV for recent episodes widget

Having switched back to the OSMC skin I can’t seem to get the fan art to appear in the recent episodes widget for TV Shows. I can see fan art in the recent films however.

Anyone know of a fix or is this a known bug?

I think this may have been chosen by design (or disabled by default at least), to stop people seeing ‘spoilers’.

CC @HitcherUK

Seems to be present in the OSMC screenshots on We’re those early mockups?

Yes – I know we changed a lot since then.

Which reminds me, I need to update that page. Thanks!


This bug still occurs with the latest update on RC3, fanart backgrounds are enabled for widgets in the skin settings and work properly for the movie widgets.

Is there a fix for this problem?

Yes, change your skin or wait for us to move ours closer to a finalized state. There is currently no eta as functional stability on all levels is a priority over the skin at this point.

I understand, thanks for the reply.