No Fanart with Raspberry Pi4B OSMC setup

I’m new to this forum so if this subject has been discussed and resolved, please point me in the right direction.

I have been building OSMC media centres using Raspberry Pi3B running OSMC/Kodi/Estuary Mod software for some years without any issues. I have five such systems in my house, all pointing to a NAS storing the Movie folders. No fanart problems here.

I decided to build a mobile media centre using a Pi4B with a local USB disk storing the Movie folders. The setup is OSMC/Kodi/Estuary with a 1Tb SSD (containing about 150 movie folders) and internet access. I used the current OSMC Raspberry Pi 4 / 400, release 2023.06-1 download which installed and ran faultlessly. I then setup the SSD movie folder as the Video source. I then updated the library and all the movies appeared as expected. I played a couple of the movies to test the system – all okay. I then noticed that when pausing a movie, no fanart was displayed, only a time bar at the top of the screen showing duration and elapsed time. I have spent the last couple of weeks in various forums searching for a solution with no luck.

Can anyone help?

Is fanart during pause a feature of the Estuary Mod skin? If so then why don’t you install that skin on this new box as that isn’t a feature that Estuary has ever had.

As far as I am aware, Estuary Mod is no longer supported, and I did not need the Main Menu
building features, it provides for this project. I’ve tried a couple of other skins and the problem persists.

Someone else took it over…

You say “problem” as if your talking about something other than wanting a very specific niche thing that was added to a modified skin in the skin it derived from.

There are multiple Estuary mods. It might be useful to point to which one. I happen to maintain one of those mods (the unoriginally named pkscout mod), and the Matrix version of that mod did, in fact, show the “full” info screen during pause if you changed the pause bar from the top to the bottom.

Honestly, that was not what I had intended to do when I added the option to move the pause status bar to the bottom. For the Nexus version I updated the code so that it duplicated the same top pause bar but at the bottom of the screen and removed the incorrect pause behavior. So if you’re using my mod and just upgraded to Nexus, the answer is that the option you want no longer exists.

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Thanks for the info on Estuary Mod, I’ll follow that up. But maybe I need to ask a more fundamental question, is Estuary Mod the only skin that displays Fanart while the movie is paused as in Netflix and Prime? Maybe I’m looking for something that doesn’t exist?

I missed your comments (pkscout), our posts overlapped, but found them very interesting and have looked at your site. I think it is time to pause my question while I do more research. If I find anything relevant I’ll come back. Thanks for the comments.