No free disk space


I’ve updated to Kodi 19, and everything went smoothly, but after a reboot, I received an error message (something around no free space on disk).

osmc@osmc:~$ df -ha
Filesystem           Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
devtmpfs             992M     0  992M   0% /dev
proc                    0     0     0    - /proc
sysfs                   0     0     0    - /sys
tmpfs                995M  8.8M  987M   1% /run
/dev/vero-nand/root   14G   14G     0 100% /
securityfs              0     0     0    - /sys/kernel/security
tmpfs                995M     0  995M   0% /dev/shm
devpts                  0     0     0    - /dev/pts
tmpfs                5.0M     0  5.0M   0% /run/lock
tmpfs                995M     0  995M   0% /sys/fs/cgroup

Checking the home folders sizes:

osmc@osmc:~$ sudo du . -h -x --max-depth=1
32K     ./addons
4.0K    ./Pictures
4.6G    ./.kodi
8.0K    ./.gnupg
6.0G    ./.kodi_crap
100K    ./resised3
40K     ./.cache
104K    ./icons
1001M   ./backup
4.0K    ./.nano
4.0K    ./Movies
4.0K    ./Music
4.0K    ./TV Shows
12G     .

What is this “kodi_crap” folder? could it be a corrupt addon installation or something? (last thing I did was update the Embuary skin addon)

osmc@osmc:~$ sudo du ~/.kodi_crap/.kodi_basic/userdata/Thumbnails -h -x --max-depth=1
324M    /home/osmc/.kodi_crap/.kodi_basic/userdata/Thumbnails/f
305M    /home/osmc/.kodi_crap/.kodi_basic/userdata/Thumbnails/a
304M    /home/osmc/.kodi_crap/.kodi_basic/userdata/Thumbnails/8
326M    /home/osmc/.kodi_crap/.kodi_basic/userdata/Thumbnails/d
341M    /home/osmc/.kodi_crap/.kodi_basic/userdata/Thumbnails/c
321M    /home/osmc/.kodi_crap/.kodi_basic/userdata/Thumbnails/0
324M    /home/osmc/.kodi_crap/.kodi_basic/userdata/Thumbnails/6
316M    /home/osmc/.kodi_crap/.kodi_basic/userdata/Thumbnails/b
295M    /home/osmc/.kodi_crap/.kodi_basic/userdata/Thumbnails/1
302M    /home/osmc/.kodi_crap/.kodi_basic/userdata/Thumbnails/9
336M    /home/osmc/.kodi_crap/.kodi_basic/userdata/Thumbnails/2
302M    /home/osmc/.kodi_crap/.kodi_basic/userdata/Thumbnails/7
316M    /home/osmc/.kodi_crap/.kodi_basic/userdata/Thumbnails/4
8.0K    /home/osmc/.kodi_crap/.kodi_basic/userdata/Thumbnails/Video
303M    /home/osmc/.kodi_crap/.kodi_basic/userdata/Thumbnails/e
324M    /home/osmc/.kodi_crap/.kodi_basic/userdata/Thumbnails/5
311M    /home/osmc/.kodi_crap/.kodi_basic/userdata/Thumbnails/3
5.0G    /home/osmc/.kodi_crap/.kodi_basic/userdata/Thumbnails

any ideas? if kodi_crap is not part of OSMC I will just go ahead and remove it - I just need confirmation.



It’s a folder you must have created by some means. No standard OSMC install would have this folder.

Do with it as you wish.