No 'get more' option for Videos, Music or Pictures on a new install of osmc

New install of osmc (version 2017.08-1) (kernel: Linux 4.9.29-9-osmc) running Kodi 17.4 from osmc/tv website onto 64GB SD card. Download and install on Raspberry pi 2 of osmc appeared to be successful and manual system update was made after installation to complete the setup.

Selection of either Videos, Music or Pictures does not have the ‘get more’ option. under Add-ons.

Is there an additional setting or something I need to change to enable the ‘get more’ option for Add-ons to appear

Thank You

The “Get More” option is in the left popup menu but it also depends on the Skin you use. OSMC seems not to include it in the left popup menu. Maybe @BobCratchett can consider it for the next update.

Thanks for responding fzinken. I will try another skin and see if that works