No HDMI audio after installing osmc 2023.12 (Vero 4k+)


I originally had an oldish osmc SW running fine, then I decided to update the SW into latest available one via OSMC updater on Vero 4k+.
As a result there was no HDMI audio. Then I made a clean install into same SW and the result seems to be the same.

Some background info:
-Vero 4K+ is connected to a Pioneer AVR with a HDMI cable
-several AVR HDMI ports and cables tried, no help
-if I change into default audio output device, I can have audio ok over optical i/f
-video over HDMI is working fine

Logs can be found here:

Thanks a lot in advance!

Is it all audio that’s missing or do you at least get GUI sounds?

Hi, sorry forgot to mention, no GUI sounds even if configured.

Can you try plugging Vero direct to the TV?

Hi, did that - and audio is there, interesting…

Yes, I can’t see anything in the logs that suggests a problem.

This is most strange…now I tested with another AVR HDMI port to be working first and then put Vero HDMI cable there…the same thing, no audio.

From your log, it seems you have only updated once since reinstalling OSMC. I’m guessing you know how to reinstall if that’s needed. But first, can you try updating again from the command line just to check it all went OK?

Hi, thanks for the input, is there any link to instruct this command line reinstallation?

I believe what he was asking you to do was to just access the terminal and check for updates there with…
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

I wonder if the issue here is something to the effect of your AVR needing a soft reset or to just be unplugged from the wall for a minute. This is assuming that you have already checked to make sure it didn’t get switched to outputting to a secondary output in the AVR.

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Hi, thanks for valuable instructions - really appreciated!

After playing around I have now figured out one setting which has an impact: System Settings → Audio → Output configuration.

With settings ’Best match’ and ’Optimised’ there is no audio but with ’Fixed’ there is audio signal.

The setting now fixes the channels…as the name indicates, not a big deal since I mostly play 2ch PCM CD’s - and I can modify yhe number of channels.
It is just that if I put setting ’7,1’ channels by default then it seems to light up AVR indicator lights of really receiving 7.1 channels out out of 2ch PCM.

So my question, is the behaviour expected?

Many thanks for your continuous support!

I think if you select ‘Fixed’ then indeed it does fix the number of channels as well as the samplerate.

I would be interested to know if this loss of audio really is a result of upgrading to 2023.12. But I don’t expect you to spend time reinstalling an earlier release if you don’t want to.

I don’t think anyone else has had this issue.

Hi, what may have happened here is that years back after the sw installation I have noticed the same and now the parameter value turned into (not working) default value.

Just do not know here if it is the AVR or Vero 4K+ causing the trouble but nevermind. Thanks for the support!