No HDMI - Pi 4 - Onkyo 569

Hello all,

After lengthy search, I’d like some hints on my Pi 4 installed with latest OSMC 2022.10-1.

Short description of the trouble:
It doesn’t show any image on TV.

My installation:
Raspberry Pi → Onkyo TX-NR509 → Samsung QE49
All through HDMI.
Edit: FLIRC usb dongle

3A Raspberry approved power supply, with small dongle micro usb to USB-C for Pi 4.

Brand new SD cards (SanDisk Extreme 64 Go microSDXC class 10, UHS-I, U3, V30)
Using either BalenaEtcher or OSMC SD card imager.

Pi 3B, OSMC version, 19.
It’s running fine. It’s my backup solution, but I’d like to upgrade to Pi4 to read some higher quality shows.

I replaced the Pi 3B with this installation:
Pi 4

Tried with 3 sets of different HDMI cables, direct on TV or through Onkyo.
Burned OMSC image on 4 different SD cards. Multiple times.
Allowed 15 minutes boot on first run for each trial (decompression, installation process…).

SSH is reachable.
OSMC interface is reachable through browser on local IP adress.

Logs are here
This is a brand new install without any tweaks.

I tried installing VNC and through it I managed to get it display on TV. The trouble here is that there is no audio output. Settings / Audio show a greyed out audio output.
On first run of VNC without reboot, this audio output setting is showing some sound device (I can’t remember the name). But after reboot necessary to get something on TV, it is greyed out.

I have to use VNC and set an appropriate screen resolution, then reboot the Pi to get a correct image on TV. It was working fine, but without any sound.
It seems VNC is messing some settings.

Anyway, I went back to brand new installation without VNC and now I’m stuck.

Have you any hint on how to solve this? Thanks!!

Use the HDMI port closest to the power port.

Thanks, I forgot to tell the HDMI is indeed plugged on HDMI 0, closest to power.

Have you tried direct to the TV (skipping out the AVR)?

Yes, direct TV didn’t work either, with different HDMI cables.

Can you post a picture of the label of the used power supply? Thx in advance.

That’s the power supply I’m using. 2.5A

What’s surprising is that at some point, I manged to get the full image on the TV, through AVR, but with no sound at all.

Some feedback.

I switched the HDMI adapter (one simple cable adapter HDMI to micro HDMI) to another with 8K advertised capabilities.

The image is now displayed properly through my AVR, with out more tweaking on Pi, AVR or TV side. I swapped live with the old adapter --W>

A new problem: there is no sound coming out. I’ll have a look in the forum to see what’s happening.

Here is the latest Log grab for further reference.

Thanks all for your help.

edit: typo

Maybe because you edited config.txt?

As you suggested I reverted from fkms to kms. And all is now working fine.

log for reference.

Thanks, great!

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