No Headphone Audio - How to configure in OSMC

From my research, it appears that the Raspberry Pi 2 B+ will send audio out through HDMI or the Headphone jack, but not both.

Because I have a HDMI cable plugged in, the sound is definitely coming out there.

However, I need it to go out the Headphone jack because my HDMI cable converts to DVI (video only) due to my TV not having HDMI capability.

Apparently there is a setting that will tell the Pi to send audio out to the headphone jack instead of the HDMI.

Where do I go in OSMC to make this adjustment?

I have the OSMC/Kodi setup.


System > System > Audio Output > Audio output device: HDMI and Analogue

Thanks leetwanker.

That’s exactly what I needed. Works great. :smile: