No information in TV database about a series


I added some old TV series. Since it’s mainly Dutch shows, the TV database doesn’t find information about them. So now I can’t watch them, Kodi shows the name but it doesn’t show the episodes.

As as workaround I use Kore, the remote control on my Android phone, there I can acces the files quite easily and start the episode I want to watch. But accessing it from the library would be better.

Can I add them to the library by hand some way? I don’t need the info, I just want to start the files.

Thanks !

I think you have a couple of options here:

  • manually browse in through “Videos” (not “TV shows”), which should show everything
  • manually add an nfo file, which provides info to be picked up by the scraper

Check if it exists there, if not you can ask them to add it if you provide them with the necessary data.
If it exists, you probably have a wrong naming of the files