No IR Connector / extender?

From the posted image i don’t see any IR connector to plug an extender like we do on the V4K.
Does the V5 have a better IR sensor?
It also mean that we can no longer hide the vero box behind the TV or inside a cabinet.
Any solution for that?

The Vero V does not have an option for an external IR sensor like the previous model does. The provided OSMC remote is RF and its dongle is internal on this model. That remote can be used without it being line of sight. If the desired location reduces the range of the remote too much than an external dongle that can be hung off a USB extension cable should be available in the near future. There is also an option of controlling the Vero with the televisions remote via CEC.

If you are needing an external IR solution I would personally recommend the FLIRC USB IR sensor. They are what I use on almost all my TV’s to interface with my Harmony remotes. The Veros have built-in IR sensors, but the FLIRC USB provides a bit more function and flexability.

Very few people ever used the external sensor. Most that did, did so because they didn’t realise there was an internal one.

I guess i’ll have to go down that route and explore the option.
A shame though that we loose that option.
All my stuff is hidden in a media cabinet for my home theater or behind the TV in bedrooms.

We could have remove the spdif audio connector instead or even better had the connector on a soft switch that can be toggle to route the signal to IR input or audio output.

Well i had to use it because the IR sensor on the V4K had to be pointed at pretty accurately else it would not really register the input. While the receiver was a lot more forgiving about that and you could pointed in the general area and it would register everything unless you are pretty for away.

SPDIF is very popular.

Try the IR receiver that’s built in when you get it. It might be sufficient for you.

I can look at an extender option in the future, but there are also improvements to IR I’d then like to fix first: it doesn’t perform great during playback on Vero 4K / Vero 4K + since the AMLogic 4.9 kernel.

There are loads of IR repeaters available, such as this:

Back in the day, I paid a lot more for one than what they sell for now when I was in the habit of hiding all my equipment in a cabinet…

I’d try IR when you get the device and take things from there.

Received the device. IR receiver is worse than V4K.
Right in front of the V5 i can stand max 10 feets away from it while the V4K i can be a good 15 to 20 feets away. Both need to be aimed at pretty precisely else they don’t register half the keypress.
The good thing is the FLIRC is removing the bad IR performance while it is having a hard time with some weird encoded web format.

Which IR protocol are you using?

Do you find IR performance perhaps only degrades during playback and is otherwise OK?

Exactly, IR performance on V4K degrade only during playback. That one is tough to replicate.
I only see it on web x264 format and is very inconsistent.

I know RC6 is disable and it was using the x360 profile i think.

With flirc i went with full keyoard controller and used a Popcorn Hour A500 remote in my harmony to map button with flirc.

If it only degrades during playback, it’s not a hardware issue.

We are aware of this problem. Hopefully the video playback changes in the 5.15 kernel solve this.