No LiveTV on homescreen

Hi all,
Long time xmbc/kodi user here.
I am using the Vero4K+ now, but I can’t enable (or unhide) the TV or LiveTV option.
Searched in the skin settings, searched everywhere.
I disabled stuf like games en weather, so I know where to look.

I want to test with IPTV Simple PVR client. The latest version supports loading only a few groups. This is a nice feature en speeds up the TV function in a big way.

Feeling a bit stupid that I can’t find the option to enable LiveTV ;-(
I had zero issues enabling this in LibreElec.

Tested with the Estaury skin, here I have the “TV” option, default enabled,
With the OSMC Default Skin, no TV option and no way to enable it.

Now I have made a custom menu entry in the OSMC skin “IPTV” it will launch the tvguide, but that is all. I really want the build-in option, how or where can I enable this?

settings>interface>skin>configure skin>general>customize main menu> (at the bottom of the screen) restore menu items>restore an original menu item>PVR & Live TV>shared menu.

If in the menu settings the menu option wasn’t deleted then highlight the PVR & Live TV option on the left, then over on the right of the screen disable the option for “Hide”.

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Thanks, @darwindesign
Spent hours on this, including configuring the Amber skin.
I’m not reverting to the default skin :wink:

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