No longer able to get to settings of various addons and other items

Hi there, after some playing around with adding and removing (because the addon does not work or requires (paid) account) addons I now have no longer access to the settings option of almost all addons or other settings items so I cannot change anything any longer. I found the location of the various settings files and had a look at them with notepad++ but they seem ok, i.e. no syntax errors or similar. Any idea where to go from here? Note that I was not impressed with the help on various YT videos explaining how to add an API key . As my Raspberry Pi 3b+ is not connected in any way to my pc copy/paste was not an option. Elaborate typing over of the information was needed but in the end it worked. However, now I’m no longer able to get to these settings except via SSH which is not ideal as this is a recipe for problems. Any help is highly appreciated.

Hi there, just found the ‘problem’ I was having. It seems that when you set the ‘settings level’ in ‘System’ to ‘basic’ you do no longer get the ‘settings’ options in the various addons. So this ‘problem’ is solved now.

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