No longer auto switching to 4K after January update [Ignore, wasn't broken]

Updated to January update this morning and now any 4K file will not switch the resolution upto 4K automatically when a UHD file is played. HDR switches fine but not 4K.

Box is set at 1080p and 1080/24 content plays normally with correct switching. Kodi can be set to 3840x2160 manually so all resolutions are detected correctly.

Box is connected via a Yamaha RX-V481 to a Sony XD80. Everything was working fine before I updated.

What logs do I need to upload?

For how to submit useful debug logs, please see here:

Please ignore me…

I completely missed that “Also allow resolution switch” was disabled in player settings :roll_eyes:

I do apologise, everything is in fact fine here, I’ll get my coat and quietly leave the room…

So, you’re saying that with “Also allow resolution switch” disabled, the Vero 4k didn’t switch to 2160p at all? And as soon as you enabled “Also allow resolution switch”, it worked?

That shouldn’t happen… “Also allow resolution switch” is a setting to allow the Vero 4k to output resolutions less than 1080p as close to source as possible. It shouldn’t alter the 2160p output behaviour when it’s disabled and neither when it’s enabled.

Actually, it could – which is why I think I may revert the patch for now as it will cause confusion.

Ok… It seems that the patch isn’t really doing what you said you’d expect it to do anyway (no 480p and 576p options yet), is it?

Hope, you can make it work anyway. But of course, it shouldn’t brake anything for others.

That’s not related.

Isn’t “Also allow resolution switch” meant to trigger switching to any resolution supported by HDMI out (including 480p60 and 576p50)?

As we discussed before you need 480/576 modes first!

I know… Sorry for the confusion. I meant that the whole patch has just been implemented to allow switching to resolutions other than 1080p and 2160p (right?).
And as that is not working with all resolutions desired yet, there wouldn’t be any harm in reverting the patch and keeping it in testing for the time being (until we can get 480p/576p working, too and to prevent it from breaking 2160p playback for others).

The patch is resolution agnostic.

It’s this we’re talking about, right?: [package] [mediacenter-osmc] Vero 4K: add support for downgrading and…

If it’s resolution agnostic, why could it mess with the framerate of 2160p output on 1080p displays?

It isn’t messing — it’s changing the behaviour of resolution switching.

But it doesn’t magically give you new video modes.

I’ve understood that :joy: Isn’t my understanding correct though that the patch was only introduced to make resolution downgrading possible? And therefore, as the video modes of 480p and 576p are not working yet, do I understand correctly, that the patch isn’t necessary until the requested resolution downgrading over in the other thread is working as desired?

Sorry, I may be unclear because English is not my mother tongue :see_no_evil: Just wanted to make the point that the patch can wait to be brought back until the resolution downgrading is working.

I thought some people wanted to watch 720p content as 720p for example. I think the goal posts have moved a bit

That might be. Maybe I wasn’t clear over there at the beginning either. I was hoping for all resolutions supported to be put out natively (480p as 480p, 576p as 576p, 720p as 720p and of course 1080p and 2160p as before)… Thought others in the thread over there want(ed) the same.

But were going in circles, I think :joy: Will wait for something new on this over in the request thread…

I wanted the same and maybe I was not clear enough as well.

BUT - since most of the content I’m watching is HD (starting from 720p up to 2160) I LOVE the patch!

The only SD content I watch is CNN and SkyNews (no CNN HD on Astra 19 and no SkyNews HD as well) and in these cases picture quality is not the main criterium…

That’s just me of course, YMMV

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