No media playback in buffermode 1

So for 2-3 days I’ve been messing with resetting up kodi because I broke my sd card. I got it almost all back to normal and then reloaded 20 gigs of music and 3 movie files into the movies and music folders on kodi. After that no streaming would work, no music files, and even the pictures in the pictures folder wouln’t show up. I reimaged the sdcard and started fresh. I had everything pretty set and checked a few streams and it was all good. I again took the card out, put it into my laptop, and reloaded the music, movie, and picture files. Again, streaming wouldn’t work and all local files wouldn’t work. I finally, after hours, went to advancedsettings.xml and changed buffermode1 to buffermode 2 and everything works fine even my pictures. I am using a raspberry pi 3 and I also have my cache size set to 200 MB, essentially 600 MB after tripling the 200 MB. Can someone explain to me what happened? Also while looking at the debug info on my screen it shows mem:610452/751052 KB. What is this ratio? is the used memory/total memory or free memory/total memory and I know it has 1 gig total so where is the rest of the memory that it doesn’t show. I would like to verify that my cache size settings are actually working.

If you would share debug enabled logs, than there is a slight hope that someone might be able to explain.
In regards to the “rest” of the memory that is given to the GPU so that you are able to see a picture.
AFAIK the value on the screen shows used/total but that also includes cached so to get a better understanding of the real free memory you would need to check free -m on the console

Don’t do that.

This won’t compensate for slow file lockers and will cause performance problems.

:slight_smile: well I would, matter a fact I would have asked for help hours ago but I would be violating forum rules.

In these situations the issue is almost certainly caused by the add-ons.

The need for such a large buffer size is not normal.

The discussion of such add-ons is prohibited, but if I was to wager a guess it would be that you are using an ISP that throttles at times or is heavily congested at times, and it works without issue at other times in the day.

You may be correct but the situation did not occur until I added my files to the card and it was the local files that wouldn’t play, well it was all files but my personal music, images, and movies on the sd card wouldn’t play. Btw I used that same cache size on my last card and never had an issue and it makes for a nice buffer area but I don’t dismiss that it could be too large, I just don’t know how to check to see if the cache size is as big as I made it and my true free ram. I appreciate the work you guys do and the position you are in but you, a programmer, has to understand how much this problem bugged me and the urge to understand it.