No more access to windows shares after win 10 pro install

Hi all,
I’ve followed also this guide
trying to fix it but no access from vero 4k to my win 10 pro shares
Neither using nfs (since I have hanewin installed)
Any idea to fix this ?
The same pc with win 7 worked greatly.
Thanks in advance

Don’t do SMB v1 like those instructions state. If you want to just do a regular SMB v3 Kodi setup do the following…

If you want to use Hanewin you can use the search button on the top of this site. I know there have been at least a couple threads the last couple years that covered that. I don’t think your probably going to get much benefit from using that though.

Many thanks
What do you mean as “ Make a new user profile to avoid having to store your real Windows password in plaintext. ”
Thanks again

Modern windows by default disables guest access (accessing a network share without a password) so you need to provide credentials (username and password). You can use the credentials that you use to login to your machine but this is commonly the same as an email account and Kodi does not encrypt the passwords stored for network shares. This is less than ideal so a good option is to make a new Windows user with its own password and use that. You don’t need to ever login to this account in Windows and it takes no space to do so. You can do it through the GUI but Microsoft wants you to jump through hoops and tries to force you into making all accounts tied to a Microsoft account. The command line I outlined bypasses that and just makes a user without all that mucking about.

If you’re using a Kodi-level NFS source (from Hanewin) that is measurably faster than a Kodi level SMB source. But it’s possible that the SMB source is still fast enough, of course. If you’re using kernel mounts (autofs or fstab) then the speed difference is negligible.

It worked greatly!
Thank you very very much

I’d like to use hanewin and NFS but I didn’t find a step by step guide like the one linked for SMB… maybe do you know where to find it?

Once you’ve got Hanewin itself up and running, at the Kodi end you should just be able to start creating an NFS source, and it will browse for any available NFS exports on the network.

But it’s worth asking why you’re considering using Hanewin. If it’s because you want better network performance than you would get using a Kodi-level SMB source, then you would probably be better advised to use a kernel-level mount for your SMB shares instead, as that will be even faster than using Hanewin and a Kodi-level source would.

Also, if you’re using Windows 10 Professional, I think it’s possible to get Windows itself to set up an NFS export, without having to use a third party utility.

Although there is native support for NFS client in Win10 pro, the NFS server is only available on Server versions of the Windows OS. Someone could probably muck about running from a Windows subsystem for Linux VM but it is unlikely this would prove to be advantageous.

Ah, fair enough. (I have Windows 10 Home myself, which has neither!)

Well, @elche99 , if you’re concerned about network speed, the first thing I would try is setting up a kernel mount to the SMB share.

Have a read of this: Mounting network shares with autofs (alternative to fstab)

I suggest you try not using a credentials file the first time you set it up, it’s slightly less fiddly.

Once you’ve successfully mounted the SMB share, you can then add a Kodi source for the root filing system, which points to the mounted folder. That will give you better performance than a Kodi-level NFS source.