No more dts or hdma on Vero4k+ only digital pcm 5.1


I have an audio problem with my Vero 4k +. When playing a movie with dts or hdma, dolby digital , true-hd my Arcam receiver jumps to digital 5.1 pcm.

Checked my audio settings many times.

It did work for the latest update.

What can this be?

Thanks in advance.


Please post some debug logs so we can see what the issue is.

Hi Sam,

Is this the right log?

====================== guisettings.xml ===================

I’m pretty sure he wants you to do this

Is the Vero plugged directly into your AVR through hdmi or is it configured in some other manner? If you had not seen it yet this thread may contain some useful info…

Also check Settings>Player>Videos>Sync playback to display> and make sure that is disabled.

Yes, directly through hdmi. Thnx for the link!

Problem solved! It was enabled. :thinking:


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