No new Update OSMC

Hi, why are not there new update of OSMC of May and June?


The next update is currently in staging and should be released soon.

What would you like to see in a new update?

The June update is available now: OSMC's June update is here with Kodi v18.7 - OSMC


Please, could you add in the next update an option to view the title of the file while watching I video. For example: I click “Return” in controller TV and I would see a line with the title of file.

Which skin are you using?

Although dependant on what skin your using I would think most would show what you want if you bring up “info” during full screen playback.

With “exit” command on controller TV it working properly.

I don’t understand the meaning of this sentence.

Sorry for my answer. To view the title of the file while I am watching the video, I have discovered that you need to click the “Exit” button on the Samsung TV remote control. The video continues to play, and when I click “Exit” I see the menu and file name with the playing time (above the video). If I repeat “Exit” again I go back to viewing the video.

I am using OSMC template + Samsung TV.

Problem solved.

That’s not the way it’s meant to work… The info dialog is exactly what gives you the information you’re looking for during playback: title and the playback progress. Why exit out of the video player for that each time?

Hi, in the following lines I define what happens when I click on Samsung TV remote control and while I’m looking during playback:

  1. “Exit” command is shown title and the playback progress.
  2. Info” command is shown HDMI1/DVI resource, hours and resolution video.
  3. “Return” command is shown a panel of memory used, video decoder, audio and video track.
  4. “OK” command, is shown progress bar, pause, stop, forward, backward, and OSMC audio and video options in the 4 icons on the right.

When we refer to a particular action/window it is by the name used by Kodi. This is not necessarily the same name or CEC command that is being sent when you press any particular button on your TV’s remote. What we are saying is the screen you want to bring up for this information is Kodi’s info page which is brought up in a Kodi key-map with an “info” action. It is not clear to me what exactly is happening when you hit the info key on your remote but it sounds like it is performing a function on your TV and not forwarding a command over CEC to Kodi.

The way I would recommend to resolve this is to turn on debug logging and via SSH do a

tail -f .kodi/temp/kodi.log | grep -B 1 'HandleKey'

and then observe the output when you press buttons on your remote. This will allow you to see what keys are being forwarded and what actions they are performing. Ignore the name of the keys that come back as many of them report incorrectly with CEC input. If you can find a key that is being forwarded but is not needed for other uses (you probably don’t want to change direction and OK key behavior for example) then you can install the keymap editor add-on and then map fullscreen video>navigation>show info to whatever extra key you found. Note that what keys are available for this purpose are entirely dependant on your TV and remote and there is no way to change this.