No omxplayer?


my new installation of OSMC on rpi2 is missing the omxplayer.
-bash: omxplayer: command not found

I can also not install it
sudo apt-get install omxplayer
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package omxplayer

Can someone tell me how I can install omxplayer?

Thank you

omxplayer is part of Kodi and not an executable file with that name.
Checking in Kodi Settings that you can chose omxplayer.

Also on which platform are you? Not all have omxplayer.

There is also a command line version of “omxplayer” but this is not included in OSMC.

As the command line omxplayer only works when Kodi is not running it’s not terribly useful in OSMC.

What is it you thought you needed it for ? Kodi has its own version of omxplayer built in that is used when playing video within Kodi, if enabled.


I am using the rpi2 together with the official touchscreen inwall mounted in my living room.
I would like to use omxplayer sending movies to my TV because the touchscreen is a little bit small for watching movies :slightly_smiling:.
The callback addon is sending the filename of the movie to my python script. The script then launches the omxplayer
omxplayer --display=5 /path/video.mkv
This will play the video on the hdmi TV.

I am using OSMC mainly as music player and I don’t like to turn on my TV just to navigate through the menus.

Is there a way to get the command line version running in osmc?

You can copy the libs and binary from a raspbian installation.

aiming to do the same like Max_Power. Any chance to get a list of files to be copied ?

@Max_Power - did it work out in the end ?


Just copy the omxplayer binary and run it. It will tell you if there is anything missing.
It worked for me with just the binary iirc.

Edit: not sure if there was a lib needed, too.

Edit2: as dmandrake said, it will only work if kodi is not running.
Why not use a raspbian then?

Edit3: You can of course also compile omxplayer from source.