No option to install a zip file

Hello there,

I try to install plex client in my new Raspbery pi 3 with OSMC, but I don’t have the option to install an add-on with a zip file, only with the original repositery.
I tried differents things (select the “…” for exemple) and nothing worked.

Have you any suggestions ?

Thanks you and sorry for my english.

No help ? :frowning:

You seem to be the only one with this problem. System>Addons>

I have the option in OSCM on an RPi3. In the settings under add-ons I see the point “install from ZIP” as well as looking in repositories.

Kodi tends to remember the last place you were at in the menu system.

If that is the situation, press the backspace key until you see the menu showing,

My add-ons
Install from repository
Install from zip file

A simple problem to resolve but only after you get familiar with the Kodi menu system.

Thanks you for your help.

I finally found this option, but it’s very complicated only for this.
I can use PlexBMC now :slight_smile: