No OSMC boot after upgrade

Hi, i launch sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, but now the system show only a black screen and never show the OSMC logo. I receive an advise during upgrade but just about ssh where i choose to keep my current settings. I want to avoid reinstall the system to not loose my settings.
I’m only able to login with ssh now, i can’t see the zeus port opened.
If someone can help with my log file, i will very appreciate.
There is something strange writing ssh logs, like no printable characters :frowning:
Should i reinstall ssh? But then i can’t access anymore, maybe putting 2 lines inside a script may work right?

Edit: i found an error about transmission and i successfully installed it, but still no zeus no screen

I looks like it is not seeing a display. You might want to check connections, swap cable, and or test on another display.

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Thanks a lot
I will try some cable asap, i did a reinstall of osmc btw.

If that doesn’t work, I’d suggest you try to reinstall Kodi, since from the log it looks like there were some problems during the update:

sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get install --reinstall rbp2-mediacenter-osmc

Of course, it could be that your SD card is starting to fail.

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I’m sure that the TV connection works. Now i saw a blue screen with logo, then a sequence of sentences for a second, then go back in a black screen with the lightening at the top corner.

I should change rspb2 with 3 or not?
I did it, nothing is changed.

The lightning in the corner means your power supply isn’t up to the task. Try another power supply and/or cable

i know it thanks, i wrote it because it doesn’t regard this problem. The cable work and the TV too, but the system fails.

The system could be failing due to not enough power. I had one fail to boot after an upgrade. I had the lightning symbol before the upgrade but after it was worse. Some versions require more power. It was fine after changing power supply.

Very strange, i will try btw, thanks.

Checked with another cable and power supply usb, nothing is changed. The undervolt is still there.

Edit: starting a reinstallation of all pachages using a script, this is my last attempt. Thank you all guys

The power supply for a rpi3b+ needs to be pretty good. Phone charger etc usually not enough

I really don’t think this regard my problem, it should be software problem.
If not, i can install the last version and should not work right?
If the system require more power, it should be take more ampere, the undervoltage lightning for a bad power source regard volt not stable i think.
However nothing works and i will install the whole staff from zero, hoping to not have some strange behaviour or maybe not upgrade it anymore :rofl:
Thanks a lot for your help

Install on a second SD Card then you can figure out if it is software or hardware issue without losing your install.

Once a power supply cannot deliver the full current being drawn the supplied voltage will drop. When the voltage drops below a certain level then the RPi will display that lightning bolt icon. If you see that then your power supply is not adequate and even if shows up and then goes away under normal use this is still a problem as you are likely still at a point where you can get corruption of the SD card and system instability. If this power supply was on the edge and you installed a big update then you very well could have gotten corruption in the file system. Additionally it is conceivable that the Oct update draws a bit more power and if you were already sitting on the edge then maybe what was just enough just isn’t anymore.