No path to file in music library

Hello all and happy new year.

I have a weird issue in my music library.
In it, named “audio” there are two directories: “audio” and “video”.

When I want to see the artist list, the first item is [missing]. When I want to see the path, the information box gives:
and nothing else.
At that level there is no file, just those two directories.

I have cleaned up the library, updated it… no way: the missing artist is still present :smile:

Weird isn’it?

Hello hello…
I just made an export of the music library and didn’t find that “missing artist”.
But even more, I have removed the source and the media files in the library and then gives the same path to the source file.
And the “missing artist” is still there with the same path to “no file”.
What’s going on? :face_with_head_bandage:
Any idea?