No PVR clients have been started

A fresh OSMC install (I added RetroPie using mcobits script). But every boot I get an error with “No PVR clients have been started” on top right of screen. I don’t have any addons added. I have not enabled TV.

Is there a simple way to stop this? I’d rather not install an addon just to get rid of the message!

A fresh install does not do this, maybe you should ask mcobits because his retropie script makes some very invasive changes to the system configuration which can cause a number of issues. (this will be the subject of another post in his thread when I get the chance to go through and catalog all the problems I’ve found with what his script is doing)

I would suggest trying a fresh install without retropie and see if it still happens.

Yeah I think I will do fresh install, tweak the skin and then look at adding script (as I seem to have some difficulties with the skin also). Thanks for the reply

Confirmed… Fresh install fixed. Must be the RetroPie addon.

I have this same issue. I have not installed RetroPie or any add-ons besides those that came with the OSMC install. Literally the only changes I have made after the install are to point to a couple network shares for my movie and tv libraries and to change to the Confluence skin. I get the ‘No PVR clients have been started’ message every time I boot up.

If you don’t have any PVR clients (and don’t plan to use them) go to System->Settings->TV and unclick “enabled”

It is not enabled. I tried enabling and then disabling it and that did not fix the issue.

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Start a forum post with full logs so we can diagnose the issue