No response and black "Working..." pop up when playing a movie

I have OSMC installed (fully patched) on a Pi B+.

Everything was working fine when I had about 300 movies added (via SMB share to NAS)

I then decided to add the bulk of my movies (another 600).

Everything works 100% and is super fast… but when I play a movie I see a “working…” black box at the top of the screen. The movie plays instantly, no lag and all working. The problem is that the black box is annoying and I cannot control my device at all when it is on screen. It goes away after 5-10 minutes.

How do I fix this?

A log may suggest what’s really going on when that dialog is displayed


What skin are you using? Try switching to confluence and see if the problem disappears.
Otherwise can you rename ~/.kodi to ~/.kodi_back and reboot. That will disable all custom settings and add-ons, and if that avoids the problem would suggest an add-on may be causing the issue.