No shares after update 2017-12

hi folks,

i’ve got a rpi 2b with osmc on it. my old version of osmc was from 2016 and as soon as i updated to a newer version (probably from 2016), my network shares couldn’t be found anymore. so i used the old version… until today - hoping that whatever fix was necessary has been included.

anyway: i updated to the 2017-12 release and since then, when i go to “omsc > videos > files > #some-network-share#”, i get 2 error messages:

  • “file exists”
  • “no connection to the network server”

/var/log/samba is empty. and all the other logs in /var/log that are young enough to have logged this error are binary (btmp, wtmp, lastlog).

is this a known error? or how can i give you more input / log-files?


OSMC uses journalctl for logs.
You can provide logs via grab-logs -A and provide the URL here.

Also you should let us know what kind of server provides the shares.
My assumption would be changing the samba protocol in settings - services could fix the problem

thanks for the super fast reply :slight_smile:

#logs removed#
(even though it doesn’t feel too well to post my config and logs online)

my samba server runs on win7 x64.

the funny thing is: i’ve read about the samba protocol settings in this board before - but i can’t find it under settings > services > samba (or anywhere else in settings > services).

Do you have the level on expert?

ah, thanks. i haven’t seen that before :slight_smile:

ok, changed the protocol to none. now i get a formular with user name and password. afterwards, i get the known “no connection to the server”.

So you get that error after you entered the correct user name and password?

Try setting smb protocol to 2

yes, i get that error after entering a user. i’ve configured my windows shares to accept every user without pw. (i know, i know… :smiley: )
still, i got a “access denied” error in osmc - even though in my windows event viewer, i see a correct login from that user.

12:39:50.957 T:1692832512 ERROR: SMBDirectory->GetDirectory: Unable to open directory : ‘smb://USERNAME@192.168.2.xx/whatever/.alt’
unix_err:‘d’ error : ‘Permission denied’

with protocol v2 i get both of the errors as above.

  • “file exists”
  • “no connection to the network server”

Guest access (without password) is not supported anymore

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ok, that solved my problem. thank you very much for your great support.

now, i just need to set up every other device to manage the password protected windows share. gnah :smiley:


ps: i’ll remove the uploaded config/log files from the board.

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