¨No signal" after OSMC upgrade

On my RPI2 with OSMC since the last two updates, I get “No signal” when booting the Pi. I have to revert back to the old version.

I did some intense troubelshooting after the first encounter a couple of months ago, ofc including changing cables etc (which by the way worked for years in this setup without any problems!) but none of them helped.

The problem is apparently related to vc4-kms-v3d as an overlay. Manually changing it to vc4-fkms-v3d allows me to get to 1024x768 resolution but no FullHD.

When I finally got 2021.12.01 running again after several days I promised myself to not update again but now that 19.4. got released I wanted to give it a try again… but…

During the self-update the console splash screen could not be seen (TV showing "No signal¨) and I followed the update using the process viewer/logs.
After reboot I see the blue OSMC logo and then “No signal”.

Excerpts from the dmesg logs:

   12.479887] fb0: switching to vc4drmfb from simple
[   12.480832] Console: switching to colour dummy device 80x30
[   12.489768] vc4-drm soc:gpu: bound 3f400000.hvs (ops vc4_hvs_ops [vc4])
[   12.501779] bcm2835-codec bcm2835-codec: Device registered as /dev/video12
[   12.501856] bcm2835-codec bcm2835-codec: Loaded V4L2 isp
[   12.526289] bcm2835-codec bcm2835-codec: Device registered as /dev/video18
[   12.526357] bcm2835-codec bcm2835-codec: Loaded V4L2 image_fx
[   12.548144] vc4_hdmi 3f902000.hdmi: 'dmas' DT property is missing or empty, 
no HDMI audio
[   12.548517] vc4-drm soc:gpu: bound 3f902000.hdmi (ops vc4_hdmi_ops [vc4])
[   12.549005] vc4-drm soc:gpu: bound 3f806000.vec (ops vc4_vec_ops [vc4])
[   12.549542] vc4-drm soc:gpu: bound 3f004000.txp (ops vc4_txp_ops [vc4])
[   12.549996] vc4-drm soc:gpu: bound 3f206000.pixelvalve (ops vc4_crtc_ops [vc4])
[   12.550370] vc4-drm soc:gpu: bound 3f207000.pixelvalve (ops vc4_crtc_ops [vc4])
[   12.550738] vc4-drm soc:gpu: bound 3f807000.pixelvalve (ops vc4_crtc_ops [vc4])
[   12.551034] vc4-drm soc:gpu: bound 3fc00000.v3d (ops vc4_v3d_ops [vc4])
[   12.562181] [drm] Initialized vc4 0.0.0 20140616 for soc:gpu on minor 0
[   12.566228] vc4-drm soc:gpu: [drm] Cannot find any crtc or sizes

(note the last line!)

Any idea what could be wrong?

config.txt contents

# Warning: do not edit this file, or it could prevent your OSMC system from starting.
# If you wish to make changes, you should do so via My OSMC or edit the config-user.txt file in this directory

# Any changes that you make here will be overwritten as this file is managed by the OSMC via the update system



include config-user.txt


Please upload full logs as advised previously on the GitHub issue



Thank you. Here are the logs:


Please note:
When setting the debug logs=true switch, I had OSMC running with the vc4-fkms-v3d dtoverlay in order to have ANY output. Therefore the resolution was set to max. 1024x768. Normally I’d have a full 1920x1080 resolution. Before rebooting the Pi I changed config.txt to use vc4-kms-v3d again (So that all relevant errors for that module are available) This is just FYI in case something in the logs seems contradicting.

Please let me know if you need anything in addition so far.