No signal with UHD/HDR (LG C8 & Marantz SR6010)

I need some help troubleshooting this issue that im having. I have recently purchased the vero 4k+ because I have replaced my TV with an LG C8. In order to get UHD/HDR signal from the vero to the LG I have replaced my old onkyo receiver (which did not have HDMI 2.0a) with the Marantz SR6010 that has support for this HDMI version.

Today was the day that everything should have come together but cant seem to get it to work. I suspect the problem lies somewhere in the Marantz but Im having trouble determing the issue. This community is thriving with people that know a fair amount so im hoping to get some assistance here even though im fairly certain the issue is not the vero.

To get an idea of the current setup:

Receiver settings are set to this:
Vero: GUI is set to 1080p/60 with auto adjust refresh rate on
LG: HDMI deep color is enabled
HDMI cabels: None of them is longer than 3 meters, they are all high speed HDMI cabels
Network: Is not the issue, the LG is playing UHD/HDR with no problem using the internal mediaplayer that is using the same network/hub to reach the NAS as the vero is doing
SD/HD content: Playing fine, no issues

Seeing I have set everything so that it should work, im a little clueless towards why is still isnt working. Anything here would know anything about this? Maybe nudge me in the right direction of where to look for the problem? Anything would be much appreciated. And in the case this isnt allowed on this forum, my appologies :slight_smile:

I’ve conntected the Vero directly to the TV in the HDMI 2 (ARC) port and same issue. Conntected the vero to HDMI 1 port and something else happened when I played a 4k file. The video started playing but was flickering enormously. Tryed going back using start/home button the vero remote which worked after a while. Then the same video started playing normally, somehow.

Tryed an HDR file and it disconnects again from the signal, and the LG is saying no HDMI signal. Not sure whats going on, all HDMI ports on the LG should handle this kind of signal. And the HDMI cable im using the HDMI cable from the vero.

Edit #1 allrite I have no tryed several high speed HDMI cables all with the same issues. It is most definatly something within Vero. I’ll try to export a log.

Edit #2 cant seem to create a debug log. After starting a 4k file the HDMI loses its signal and I have to unplug power to vero to get back to the interface. And I log is not created, as far as I can see.

We should have some fixes for LG C8 TVs early this week. They’re ready – but we just need to get a couple of other things in.


Ohh snap… realy? I was working my way through HDR Autoswitch causing issues on my LG OLED65C8 - #180 by kaspik (currently at reply 166 lmao) but thought this was a resolved issue, hence my new topic.

Appologies then, if HDR Autoswitch causing issues on my LG OLED65C8 - #180 by kaspik is ongoing and please close this one :slight_smile: I’ll await the fixes to be deployed.

Try this reply :grin: HDR Autoswitch causing issues on my LG OLED65C8 - #239 by kaspik

I’ve read that one but didnt tryed as it had several cec settings that I didnt like, and also couldnt believe those settings would have any impact on the UHD/HDR signal :flushed:

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Having the same problem as you but on an LG B8, 4k HDR files work fine in the TV’s built in player but get ‘no signal’ via the Vero 4k+ for them.

Occasionally one will play absolutely fine out of the blue but then if i stop it i’d get the no signal message for the next 20 tries.

Hopefully the fix isn’t too far away, i just got the Vero today and only bought it for 4k HDR so a bit disappointed with it so far.

Have you had a look here?

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I hadn’t seen that no, i’m probably not confident enough to start messing with SSH yet seeing as i just got it yesterday but glad to hear it’s on it’s way thanks.