No sound from Bluetooth connected headphones

I have installed OSMC 2023-12-1 on a Raspberry PI 3b+.
My Airpods Pro 2 are well connected but no sound is audible in the headphones.
I installed “armv7-bluezalsa-osmc” and searched everywhere without finding the solution.
Does anyone else have the same problem and is there a fix?

Thank you in advance

Should be installed by default.

Did you change the audio output to bluetooth?

I think channels need to be set to “2” and passthrough disabled as well.

Thank you for your help. I hadn’t seen the list.
In “System” → “Settings” → “Audio” → “Audio Decoder”
→ Audio output device I set to Bluetooth audio.

This is an English speaking forum. If that was you trying to explain what settings your currently using then perhaps it would be better if you provide logs so we can see how your configured.

It’s working now, I’m checking to make sure that the bluetooth starts automatically on start-up and that the bluetooth connection to the headset is also automatic.

May I ask what you changed?

I changed the profile