No sound in menu

My vero 2 is connected through hdmi to a receiver which doesn’t accept stereo, so in audio settings I set the option to convert stereo to 5.1 and I have sound for stereo movies, without this option enabled no sound in stereo movie, but I have no sound in menu… I checked the option for the menu sound and it’s enabled.
Any idea?

I find this highly unlikely. What you should be doing when using a receiver is leaving speaker setting at 2.0 and enabling passthrough.

No all is enabled on my receiver, I have the same problem with an old xbox 360 games which is 2 channel sound. It seems that the receiver doesn’t like 2 channels over hdmi, other people having the same problem:

Question, for audio settings, I don’t see HDMI connection type, only analog and SPDIF which seems can be the problem:


Your receiver should accept 2 channel PCM, but in the event that it doesn’t, you can use AC3 transcoding. This will ensure your AV receiver gets a 5.1 signal for playback.

I’m not sure if AC3 transcoding is extended to menu sounds. If you take a photo of your audio settings, I will double check they are best suited for your system.


I am not sure if GUI menu sounds are upmixed to 5.1. I suspect not (and that this is why you cannot hear them). I will investigate this.