No sound in some movies

I’m having problem with some mkv (mp4) movies - video plays fine but there is no sound.
They work just fine on windows/mac players - mplayerx/kmplayer.

Not sure from which version of osmc this problem occured, but it didn’t work on last 2 versions for sure.
I have up to date osmc running on raspberry pi2, hooked via HDMI to TV. No additional audio HW.
Movies are stored on NAS, which is connected via 100Mb/s ethernet thru router.

media info of one of the movies

Any ideas please? thanks

Seems you twice posted the kodi.log and not the mediainfo.

Anyhow my guess is that they are handbrake encoded files which give the issue.
Just run the following command on one file and try if it plays fine afterwards mkvmerge -o newfile.mkv oldfile.mkv

mkvmerge can be installed via sudo apt-get install mkvtoolnix

sorry, fixed the link for media info. the file is mp4.
tried mkvmerge -o newfile.mkv oldfile.mp4 but it’s still without sound

Seems like i’ve found the issue - after some update, audio setting has changed to 5.1 in osmc. Changed it to 2.0 and now all those movies are working without any issues.