No sound in videos anymore

So basically all has been fine for a long time and this feels like it just started to happen some weeks ago. I have not installed anything from what I can remember or changed any setting since everything has been working flawless, until this.

I have sound in the GUI. I start a video and its only PCM in the reciever display.

If the video is PCM I do get that sound, but if its DD, True-HD, DTS etc the video is silent. I can not choose the multichannel audio stream its greyed out.

If I reboot vero I get sound and it displays DD+ etc.

I have to reboot every day before watching something.

I have Vero 4k+ and am on March version. Should i log it when playing a video or is this a known problem?

Yes please.


Here is log after trying a video, getting no sound since it doesnt lock on DD+ and just stays PCM and there is no PCM stream in the video.

Play GUI sounds: Always ===> Default: Only when playback stopped

That could be your problem.

Ok will try the default and report back.

It worked for a few days but now its back to no sound.


This is still a huge problem for me. Often I start a video and have to reboot the device to get sound, its really bad.

Its like its stuck in “PCM” mode and dont get the DD signal, dont lock onto it or whatever. After reboot i start video, a half a second i can still see “PCM” in the recoever before it changes to DD. When it doesnt wotk it just stays on PCM. Usually works after a reboot.

The next time it happens I would, without stopping playback on the Vero, switch inputs on your AVR to something else and then back to the input the Vero is connected to see if that makes the sound come back.

I will try it. Thanks.