No sound on OSMC with raspberry Pi 2

Hi guys , i have a problem with my new Raspberry Pi 2, when i want listen a music or watch a movie, there is no sound , i don’t understand why but its too boring , help me please :wink:
Thanks a lot

How are you trying to listen to sound? via the HDMI port or via the analogue output?

I have try Analog and HDMI , they no work .

I think we might need a bit more information about your setup. This is probably something to do with your particular hardware as nobody else seems to be having these issues. If this is a fresh install then it might be worth wiping it and installing a fresh copy.

So , i have a Samsung Tv, Raspberry Pi 2 ( ) and analogic cable and HDMI cable , i have install Raspbian , OSMC and Openelec with NOOBS.
Thanks a lot :smile:

Could it be that it comes from my SD card ?

No i have tryed an another SD Card and no work ,but i have an another Raspberry pi model 1 ( the 1st model ) and i have test a music with him ( with OSMC ) and the song work .