No space on device for Update

Hi, I just installed the update and now my Vero 4k + said while starting that there is only 77MB storage left and that I should delete stuff to allow Kodi to run correctly. Is there even stuff on the internal storage I can delete and how?

You can delete stuff in /home/osmc to figure out what takes the space you can install the utility ncdu

I think I figured it out
2.2G / home/osmc/OSMCBACKUP_2021_07_24_18_37_27.tar.gz
that seems to be the problem I guess.
How do I actually delete this? Is there a command and can I somehow tell osmc to do the backups on USB? I could not find my connected USB devices via browsing.

2.2GB, that’s quite huge :stuck_out_tongue:

The delete command in linux is rm,as in “remove”. So

rm /home/osmc/OSMCBACKUP_2021_07_24_18_37_27.tar.gz

would delete that file.

Under linux removable media are automatically mounted under /media, and can be made visible using the command

df -h | grep -vE "^tmpfs|^overlay|^shm|^udev|^none"

not sure how that would or should translate into an entry in browsing using Kodi tbh.

Related to being able to tell where OSMC/Kodi should make a backup, I haven’t found it, it’s not in any settings xml in .kodi directory, but might be somewhere else on the system.

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Follow the command from @Jahey that should allow you to install ncdu and then check what else is taking your space.

Backup will ask you where to write to but it might be that this is the temp backup file that might have been not able to be completted because you run out of space.


thanks a lot. I could delete the file :smiley:

Regarding the backup. I tried to select the folder for the backup in MyOSMC but it seems that I can’t use anything else then the internal storage or servers. I don’t use a samba server or something like that though. I just have some usb HDD connected.

Which in that regards is “internal storage” to be found under /media or /mnt depending how you did it

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Sorry I did not notice the hdd I wanted to use disconnected itself. But now I found it. Thanks a lot :smiley:

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Moved your posts to a new thread as not directly related to the update.

I suggest you first now try to do the update once more and then check with ncdu what else is eating your space.