No subwoofer for stereo

I have Vero4k and I’m not able to get subwoofer working while I play stereo music. Subwoofer is working fine with multichannel audio.

AVR is Maranz SR6011, speaker setup is 7.1.2, I have passthrough enabled.

I tried tweaking many options in both Kodi and AVR, but still not able to get subwoofer working for stereo music.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I don’t think that Kodi can convert a stereo signal to a multichannel one with a LFE signal for your subwoofer.

However your Marantz AVR should be able to do this for you. As I have a different brand AVR I can’t help you with your specific setup. Sorry.

As suggested above making a stereo signal use other speakers would normally be handled by the AVR. I have a Pioneer AVR and it certainly offers loads of options for stereo up-mixing.

Same here. Upmixing of stereo is done by my AVR.

If you really want to use Kodi for it maybe any of the DSP addons can help.

There is an option in System Settings -> Audio for Stereo upmix that will convert your 2 channel audio to the output channels set just above that. It’s not that great though, so if you can either use an Audio DSP addon or get your reciever to deal with it, that would be better.

You AVR should do this. If you setup your speakers correctly for what you want. the AVR should know at which frequency to use the sub and how to make up the LFE signal. Such tasks are never handled by playback software but your AVR.

You probably have some subwoofer mode, that can be either LFE (low range signals when speakers are set to small is sent to the sub as well) and LFE + Main (low range signals of all speakers are sent to the sub).

Usually when you select LFE and your speakers are set to large then no sound will come out of the subwoofer in stereo mode. Large speakers in terms of Hifi are usually not what you consider large, that basically means you have full range speakers as in very good high frequences as well as low frequencies as in “I do not need a subwoofer at all.” In any case if you want the sub to support your mains you usually set “small” or something similar and look for for something like LFE+Main mode for your sub setup to get what you want (if you do not have such an option, change speakers to small)

So look for some LFE+Main (or something similar) in the settings of your AVR.

Also you might want to look into some LPF for LFE setting, that sets the playback range (once you get your sub working in stereo mode), meaning the low pass filter for the subwoofer, at which frequencies it should kick in. The later depends how good your mains are in low frequencies and whe n the sub should kick in (defaults probabyl at 120Hz - adjust as needed depending on the mains.

Thanks a lot everyone for your help and time to write the suggestions!

LFE+Main hint from TwentyWasHere helped me to solve the issue :slight_smile:

Thanks again everyone and happy New Year!