No TV info in the last updates

In the last updates (more or less, since August) I have no information at all on my TV about the process. I click OK to restart the Vero, the device restarts and then the screen is absolutely black for about 5/10 minutes. Then I see Kodi starting and that’s all. Before August, I used to have on screen the usual process bar with some information about the update. It’s not a big problem, because the update works, but sometimes I get a little nervous waiting for a long time without any signal at all. My Vero is connected to an Onkyo receciver and this is connected to a Panasonic TV, all by HDMI.

Any help will be apreciated. Thanks in advance.


That is certainly odd. I can only think of an issue where this would affect Raspberry Pi 1 (no framebuffer). Do you see the OSMC splash screen OK when your device boots?


Hi, Sam. Thanks for your reply.

When the device restarts normally (without update) I can see the OSMC splash screen. But when I make a restart to aply an update, I don’t see absolutely nothing (TV screen black) until Kodi starts after the update (the Kodi logo).

I agree that’s very odd. Maybe it has something to do with CEC. Before August, I used to have problems when turning off the TV and the receiver. Most of the times, the Vero got frozen and I had to restart it. Now that problem has gone, but I have this other one.

The October update will be out tomorrow. If you enable debug logging tomorrow before checking for updates and upload them, that may help give me some insight


I’ve just updated the Vero a few minutes ago. The behaviour was the same. Before making the update, I’ve enabled debug logging and after restart I’ve uploaded the logs:
I hope it can help.