No video after update to 347 and reversal to 344

I have a problem with my Vero 4K.

Updated to nightly 347 and ended up with “HDMI mode not supported” on screen of my tv.

Reverted update to 345 and then 344 but I can’t get video on my TV.

I can see when Vero is booting (text and full screen logo) but when it disappears and GUI is about to displayed I get black screen and after a moment TV is complaining about Mod not supported.

Tried forcing resolution with

sudo fw_setenv hdmimode 1080p60hzforce
sudo fw_setenv outputmode 1080p60hzforce

but it does not make any difference.

Logs are below

Can anyone help me? I really don’t have time to set it all up from scratch at this moment…

echo 8bitnow | sudo tee /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/attr

If you still don’t get video then

echo 1080p60hz | sudo tee /sys/class/display/mode

Set your GUI to 1080p. There is no point in setting it to 2160p.


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you’re lifesaver

after running first one it came on!

Huge thanks

YW. Just working on further checks to stop that happening.