No video output on vero 4k+

Suddenly there is no video output. After seeing the OSMC logo the screen goes dark. sound is still working. What should I do now?

Connect via SSH if you can and grab-logs -A

I have the logs, where do I send them?
Uploading here seems not to be possible

I found the logs at this URL

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I turned the Vero 4k+ off and disconnected the HDMI cable.
Then I plugged the cable back and turned on the Vero.
video is back now. Everything seems to work okay now.

This has happened before. But I do not suspect mechanical or electrical/electronic failure.

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Let’s keep an eye on things. Glad it works now.


Did you find anything in the logs that may indicate a malfunction of any kind?

I didn’t. If it happens again, let us know if just unplugging and replugging the HDMI cable fixes it.

OK, I will let you know. Thanks for your assistance.